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welcome to thrive professional women's group


thrive's mission: provide inspiration for professional women looking for support and on career transitions, advancement, reinvention or start-ups, to help them achieve their goals. 


thrive’s goal: provide an environment where women are comfortable sharing their journeys to help break out of their self-imposed glass ceiling, enabling them to move from Impossible to I’mPossible!


thrive’s objective: provide information, articles, book reviews and events in NYC in the areas of career mobility leadership and development, marketing and communications, empowerment and spirituality.



my inspiration

my mother, (who passed away in 2001), is my inspiration. At 16, she quit High School to help support her family. She married at 20 and was widowed by 30 with two daughters, ages six (me) and ten. She had no education, career or savings and worked odd office jobs to support her daughters. In her spare time she wrote children's stories, a novel and many poems, most hand written on scraps of paper - none were ever published. 


I love to share what I read, so I added a Thrive Book Review to my blog. By sharing work of female writers and inviting women to blog, I was in a small way paying tribute to my mother. One day I will type them all and self-publish them. In the meantime, I'm starting here, where I pay homage to my mother's memory.


Here's one of her poems about looking for work:


Job hunters in the concrete world

Talents waiting to be unfurled

Where will their skills lead them to?

What employer will make their dream come true?

The hunt goes on

The ambition strong

To be placed where one belongs...


about the name

The name Thrive came out of a brainstorming session with my unofficial "board of advisors," a savvy, sophisticated and creative group of women I'm proud to also call my friends: Liz DiMarco Weinmann, Anne Bahr Thompson, Susan Murphy and Eavan Clearly, "designer extraordinaire," who created the Thrive logo.


We went back and forth on Thrive being an acronym and ultimately decided not to include it in the name but Thrive can also be an acronym for:


Together Helping Reinvent, Inspire, Validate & Empower!


about me

I’ve always had a passion for helping and connecting women. I've volunteered for organizations such as: Step Up Women's Network, Savvy Ladies, Citi’s Women's Council, Citi's Women & Co., and the Global Women's Leadership Summit.


I also have a background in communications, marketing, event planning and creative services. As a natural offshoot of my interests and experience, I started coordinating networking events in 2012. In 2013, I formed the Thrive LinkedIn group and in 2014, started this blog. It's a work in progress, and a labor of love. I welcome any feedback!





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Eavan Cleary designs

pam nochlin

“…If your networking group

isn’t a place where you can share frustrations concerns, and defeats, then it may not be the most fostering environment for your career aspirations.


Best-case scenario?


One where you can share

events of the day and be encouraged by their response, advice or solution

to the problem.”


~Forbes: Why Women’s

Networking Groups Fail

terry kaplan, 1936 - 2001

mom & me, 1989

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