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Four Friends


By Robyn Carr


In Robyn Carr’s latest book, each one of the four friends deals with an identity crisis brought on by the men in their lives; one who thought she had the “perfect marriage and perfect family” learns that it wasn’t so perfect after all. Another is the poster child for “smart women, foolish choices,” consistently choosing men that “look good” but aren’t good for her. The third woman’s identity is completely shattered when her husband simply walks out the door after a decade of marriage, sending her into a tailspin. And the 4th friend, who is new to the neighborhood, has a shocking past that is eventually revealed, bringing these four women even closer together.


Infidelity, physical abuse, abandonment, two failed marriages and a nervous breakdown are just some of the trials and tribulations these women face. They also deal with teenagers who make dangerous and foolish choices (isn’t that the definition of a teenager?), and one child with an identity crisis of his own.


As each one grapples with who they thought they were and who they are trying to be, the four friends support, encourage and lean on one another to help find their more authentic selves.


As one of the friend’s states, “I used to be afraid if I opened that closet door, unbelievable shit would fall on me and kill me. I never realized how much energy it took to keep the door closed.”



"When life deals you lemons,

making lemonade with your female friends

will get you through!"


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