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Song of the heart: walking the path of light

By Francine Vale


Francine's memoir and life journey is fascinating! Francine describes her father's horrible Oliver Twist-like life, growing up Jewish in the Bronx during the 1950's, living under her brother's shadow, then having a “West Side Story” moment at 18, when she instantly fell in love with a handsome 19 year old at a dance, whom she married and had two children with.  She shares the triumphs and tribulations of marriage, motherhood, an extremely difficult mother-in-law and a myriad of health problems that plague her throughout adulthood.


Over time Francine opens her heart and mind to “angel sprits who visit her.” She shares how these spirits impart their life-earned secrets and guide her toward her true calling and what she was put on this earth to do:  become a spiritual healer, spreading the message to open our hearts to others and ourselves.


Some take aways:


Book One - Growing Up 

  • As my mind grew still I came to the understanding that my troubling thoughts arose from unwarranted fear

  • Its what we do when no one is watching that really counts

  • I like reviewing my day before drifting to sleep - what could i have said more thoughtfully? What can I do tomorrow to make up for the errors of today?

  • I was faced with the task of clearing my mind of chatter before i could begin delve into my own thoughts

  • I didn’t know where i belonged. I only knew it was always somewhere else

  • What happens to dreams when they're packed away? Can dreams be safely kept and retrieved intact?

  • I looked deeply into my own eyes searching for the truth which i knew was somewhere inside, if only i could access it

  • On days when I thought my life was falling apart, I applied makeup which disguised private emotions and I felt better prepared to meet the world

  • I began to grow attached to my self-created illusion of “perfect marriage, perfect life”

  • We just don’t see ourselves as others do. We see ourselves from the inside. And others see outward appearance and usually without compassion. People tend to judge each other quite carelessly

  • I determined to put all sadness behind me, to let go of a family legacy of suffering. …to create the life I always dreamed of.  I prayed everyday, “I cannot do it alone! I need your help!”

  • There is a sunset inside me; a new day will dawn tomorrow!


Book Two - A Spiritual Awakening 

  • People enter your life for reasons and you must learn and understand the reason for each encounter

  • Learn to appreciate the strength and power of your own spirit

  • You must not expend precious energy worrying

  • For our deeds we are remembered

  • Accept yourself, embrace yourself. It is in your embrace of self you shall find healing

  • Each mistake brings us further along in the lessons we are here to learn

  • We are provided clues to help us

  • We are meant to live in the present

  • You must not give into despair. You must remain courageous

  • Never be the one to open communication with negative forces

  • Practice loving/kindness everyday with everyone

  • Focus only on a person’s best qualities

  • We are designed to help one another; Sharing is key 

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