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Speak up, Stand out and Shine: Speak Powerfully in Any Situation 

By Regina Huber


Are you looking to make your talks, presentations, or pitches more engaging? Regina wrote a book / how to guide for anyone who has a message to share and wants to present it more powerfully. Her book offers many techniques and exercises to help overcome insecurity and nervousness to make public speaking less daunting. It will equip you with the tools to feel more confident so you connect with your audience on a deeper level, enhance your speaking presence, and step into the limelight with confidence! 


“It’s time to go from freaking out to freaking amazing!


Regina talks a lot about the importance of your frame of mind, noting what you focus on expands and that focusing on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses, will help to increase your self-esteem. She also notes we tend to sabotage our efforts to succeed without even realizing it and the same results will reoccur unless we upgrade our “software,” get rid of our “viruses” and change our “programming.” She suggests visualizing yourself as a powerful speaker who inspires others and to declare you’re good enough as you are and move forward.


“It’s not about you - it’s about them.”


Here are just a few of Regina’s tips:

  • Take an initial deep breath and then start speaking

  • Imagine yourself speaking powerfully, moving gracefully and effortlessly

  • Be present in the moment to push away any fear and anxiety

  • Make eye contact

  • Involve your audience - conversation makes your talk more engaging, dynamic and memorable

  • Take down the walls between you and your audience - don’t be afraid to really connect

  • Remind yourself that your message matters!

  • The event is not over when you walk off the stage or leave the room - the power is in the follow-up      


Lastly, take a moment to be proud of yourself - we often don’t acknowledge ourselves enough. We admire others for what they achieve, but we don’t see our own achievements. Taking stock of what we have accomplished in our lives increases our trust and belief we can achieve in the future - starting now!  

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