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Manifesting Money: It’s an Inside Job

"Without awareness, you are powerless to change anything in your life. If you can't name it, you can't change it." ~Deborah Price, author, money coach and Founder/CEO of The Money Coaching Institute

As humans beings we may have not evolved sufficiently to be with money in a conscious way.We're often still operating from the primitive/reactive part of the brain and we're not yet fully accessing the higher capacity of our more evolved, logical/rational brain, which is why most people are by far moreemotional and reactionary where money is concerned.

Research shows that early childhood experience directly affects how the brain is hard-wired. Our money patterns are formed based upon our experiencesin childhood between the ages of two and 12. In most families, parents teach that it's "not nice" to talk about money and/or become emotional and reactive when the topic comes up. As children we observe this andlearn quickly that the subject of money creates strong emotions, anxiety, tension, anger, and fear.

Our behaviors are learned largely from our parents, whose money patterns are often flawed or contradictory themselves. These money patterns get passed down from one generation to the next and can become deeply entrenched. As women, we need to explore our own emotions and reactions to money and begin to disentangle our inherited patterns and history so we that ultimately, we can be free to choose a new and more conscious path. Because in most cases, the inherited operating system is simply not serving us.

Awareness is the 1st step

Without awareness, you are virtually powerless to change anything. If you can't name it, you can't change it. As women, we often don't have a container of value for ourselves. We have the tendency to over serve,over please, and often undervalue ourselves and undercharge for our services. It's time for women toclaim their value and worth and not feel like they have to work ten times as hard toget what they deserve. It's time for us to move beyond the money taboo and to become financially aware and empowered. No matter what women's credentials are, when it comes to money, they often haveself esteem issues. Many women give their financial power away to bosses and spouses. They feel they don't have the knowledge, support or plan to achieve what they want. It's like having a car with no tires; you need the knowledge to drive your dream forward. How to Move from Victim to VictoriousMove beyond your "money story" -- go through an "inner excavation" to determine what's blocking you and explore your relationship with money. Instead of focusing on what happened, focus on what you want to have happen next. Notice when you become emotional or reactive and refocus your attention on what you want to happen - how would you like it different? You can close the chapter on the victim by starting to write the next chapter on "how you became victorious."

Money Archetypes

  • Innocent - naïve, passive, anxious, dependent, seeks security, gives power to others

  • Victim - emotional, blames others, lives in the past, has a self-fulfilling prophecy

  • Warrior - action driven, disciplined, discerning, in control, can take on the world

  • Martyr - servant leaders, wise, compassionate, rescuers, controllers, self-sacrificing

  • Fool - gambler, adventurous, restless, throws caution to the wind

  • Creator - spiritual, non-materialist, conflicted, love/hate relationship with money

  • Tyrant - manipulative, materialistic, believes money will save them, suffers from "chronic not enoughness"

  • Magician - trusting, optimistic, generous, unattached to money. The magician's trick is that they've learned, "who they are are is not what they have" and their "self worth and net worth are not interconnected."

Read more about the archetypes in Deborah Price's book, Money Magic or visit her website at and take the Money Type Quiz yourself.

Final thoughts:

Go through an “inner excavation” to determine what’s blocking you and what your relationship to money is.Claim responsibility so you don’t keep living out your story.

Audience Question:

Q: What's the best way to deal with men who bullied me as a woman makingmoney?

A: It may be their behavior has nothing to do with you as a person. Many men feel threatened when they feel you are in their domain. They are simply unaware of their unevolved patterns that stem from the old hunter/gatherer model. So don't take it personally. It's not so much about you as it is about their fears, insecurities and scarcity consciousness. The more you react, the more threatened they will feel. Stay calm and focused on your goal. Show up fully and compassionately as yourself and just give the best you have. In time, they may come to see you as less of a threat and more as an ally.

quotable quotes

  • Women have conflicted feelings about money, which can limit their financial potential

  • Your self-worth and net worth are two very different things. Your self-worth is who you are; your net worth is what you have -- don't confuse the two.

  • Instead of focusing on what happened, focus on what's happening next -- the Warrior/Magician learns from the pat and keeps moving forward.

  • Women often don't have a "container of value" for themselves - we need to focus more on building this aspect of ourselves.

  • It's time to move beyond the money taboo and befriend money as an important domainand aspect of our growth as women in the world.

  • Without awareness, you are powerless to change anything in your life. If you can't name it, you can't change it

From the Global Women's Leadership Summit, 2013

Manifesting Money: it's an inside job

Live Session: Monday, Sept 19, 2013

Presenter: Deborah Price, author, money coach and Founder/CEO of The Money Coaching Institute

Notes: Pam Nochlin


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