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Six Career Mistakes that Can Make you Look Like an Amateur

By Pam Nochlin

Real pros do things in their everyday lives that set them apart from the amateurs.There’s nothing that makes a newbie an amateur or a tenured person a professional other than their behavior. It’s always good to do a check-in to be sure you haven’t slipped into the land of the amateur. If you have, it’s not too late to turn it around. Take heed of these mistakes to avoid, or risk looking like an amateur.

1. Getting Personal in a Meeting

If your boss doesn’t like your idea, your co-worker got the promotion, or you didn’t get that raise, composure is critical. Failure and struggle will happen. How you handle it will define your professionalism and reputation.

2. Being Late

You may have a great excuse but no one cares. Nothing says “I’m flighty” or “I don’t value your time” more than being late (even if it’s not true).

3. Ignoring the Importance of Networking

Networking can feel fake and robotic, nut it shouldn’t be avoided. Harsh truth: you can’t hide in you office or behind your computer forever. At some point you’ll need to come out and connect.

4. Only Doing Your Job

An amateur only does what’s asked. A pro will see a hole and will find a way to fill it.

5. Being Singularly Focused

Ambition is admirable but not at the expense of the rest of your life or your health.

6. Not Supporting Your Support Staff

Hear them, communicate what you need (when and how) regularly and often, and show appreciation.

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For more inspiration, read “Going Pro” by Steven Pressfield.

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