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Eight Short Films Every Movie Lover Should See

By Pam Nochlin

What if you could turn back time with a turntable? What do building supers, who have the keys to your apt, do when you're away at work? If you put on a superhero costume, would you act like a superhero? Can you learn the tango in two weeks?

These are just some of the questions that were answered at the OneDayU event, "Eight Short Films Every Movie Lover Should See."

If you ever watched the Academy Awards and wondered about the short films; where to see them and if they're worth watching, I'm here to tell that yes, they definitely are worth it! At this OneDayU event, "Eight Short Films Every Movie Lover Should See," these are just some of the films we watched:

  • "Spin," Best Short Film San Francisco International Film Festival

  • "While the Widow is Away," Audience Award Winner, Jacksonville Film Festival

  • "Super Powers" Best Narrative Winner, Tribeca Film Festival

  • "Death, Taxes and Apple Juice, Audience Favorite, Los Angeles Short Film Awards

  • "Tanghi Argentini," Best Live Action Short Film Nominee - Academy Awards

They were smart, funny, clever and thoroughly engaging. I am now a fan of short films and OneDayU, which hosts events featuring professors from all over the country presenting versions of their best lectures, on a wide variety of subjects. You get the best of college lectures with no homework, no studying and no exams!

Some examples include of upcoming lectures include:

  • Managing, Lessening and Coping With Stress: The Power of Mindsets, Robert Brooks/Harvard

  • What is Emotion Intelligence, Marc Brackett/Yale

  • The Art of Aging, Brian Carpenter/Washington University

  • Bruce Springsteen, Rock & Roll and the American Dream, Louis Masur/Rutgers

For future One Day University events use code THRIVE30 which will give you a 30% discount!

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