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Simple: Conquering the Crisis of Complexity

By Pam Nochlin

Interesting and informative event by the Financial Communications Society with Alan Siegel (of Siegel + Gale) and Irene Etzkorn who co-wrote simple: conquering the crisis of complexity.According to Alan, (who was dubbed “Mr. Plain English” by People magazine) and Irene, “complexity has a dramatic negative impact on people’s lives and robs us of time, patience understanding, money and optimism.”

Other take aways:

  • Simplicity is about essence – cutting to what matters, delivering substantive content that seems to speak to an audience of one

  • Simplicity shortens the distance between people

  • The key to breakthrough simplicity is to question the content and make sure it reflects reality

  • Simplicity has gone from frill to a business necessity, providing significant business benefits

  • Companies that simplify improve their relationship with customers

  • Consumers are fighting back when they sense a company is hoodwinking them through a fog of fine print

  • People mistakenly believe more information equals greater clarity

  • Too much information overwhelms people

  • To connect with people you have to speak their language

  • When internal jargon finds it ways into external communication, companies are in effect talking to themselves in public

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