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How Do You Make Your Personal Brand Personal?

By Pam Nochlin

If you’re lucky enough to have Kristen Domingue’s mane of curls or daring enough for pink highlights like Lorna Kelly (pictured here), you’re sure to get noticed. But it’s not just what makes you stand out, but who you are and how you make people feel, that they'll remember!

Kristen Domingue, founder/CEO of Ignite, a personal brand development company talked about how she was laid off, on three separate occasions (a message from the universe?), that led to her striking out on her own. Kristen now feels it's her mission to help others find their true calling and help them develop their personal brand. Then Lorna Kelly, Sotheby’s first female fine arts auctioneer, author and global speaker, talked about her spiritual journey which led her to becoming “BFF’s” with Mother Teresa. Lorna, the woman with pink in her hair & gold in her heart regaled the attendees with a delightful British accent and equally delightful sense of humor!

Some take aways: The three stages of branding: 1. Know who you are - what is your gift to share with the world? 2. Know their language, their dreams, their problems 3. Pull it all together with words that make you sound and look good on line

  • Become an expert in something

  • Make yourself the go-to person

  • When you're talking to everyone, you're talking to no one

  • Don't be niche resistant

  • Always make it easy for them

  • Don't try to get anything

  • Find out a personal detail and connect over that

  • If you know their intention, help them stand behind it

  • Make them feel like you were waiting for them

  • Be sympathetic and empathetic

  • The bottom line - be compassionate!

Thanks to Jared Hatch of ThoughtWorks whose mission is to better humanity through software!

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