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Work at Building Relationships Not Just Your Mailing List

By Pam Nochlin

Deborah Goldstein, of Goldie's Table Matters, points out the importance of building relationships when networking, not just building your mailing list.

networking tips

• You can learn something from anyone - everyone has something to share

• Wear your nametag on the right; it's an easier line of site when someone shakes your hand

• When approaching two people look at the direction their feet are pointing - if towards each other, they are fully engaged and best not to break in at that moment

• If you're uncomfortable approaching a group of people, look for others standing alone and introduce yourself; face them, use a firm handshake, make eye contact

• If you're at a company party and people bring spouses - talk to them

exchanging cards

• When you receive a card - look at it and acknowledge it

• When accepting a business card - ask if you can LinkIn with them and if you have a mailing list, if you can add them

• If you carry a large bag, put your wallet in a small clutch and check it so you’re not encumbered

• If you have pockets, use one for your cards and the other for those you collect

• If you don’t have pockets, carry a separate case to collect cards

• Follow up within 48 hours with a 'great to meet you' email, then in a few days send a personalized LinkedIn request

eating & drinking

• Eat before you go so you're not hungry when you arrive and can focus on the people, not food

• Be mindful of eating greasy foods when eating with your fingers

• For optimal sleep, stop drinking three hours before you plan on going to sleep

• Alternate alcohol with sparkling water to avoid over drinking

From Deborah Goldstein of Goldie's Table Matters at a Running with Heels event:

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